April 2, 2019

Travel With Your Home Made Possible

Who does not want to travel? To go to new places, to visit tourists spots all over the world, to meet people with different cultures, and to go on an adventure of your lifetime? Not me. I want to do just that. To travel as much as I could, to see places I have never been to, and most of all, to live life without having to look back and ponder on things I should have done but did not.

Traveling is my dream lifestyle. But of course, there are hurdles in every dream. Not only there are tons of challenges in selecting this type of lifestyle but also staying committed to it. There will be questions like: do you have enough money to sustain that kind of lifestyle? What about
your source of income, do you have a job that is flexible enough for it to work out? What about your staying situation, will you be happy on just hopping from every affordable hotel you could find?

I got to tell you, these questions are hard and practical and luckily one that has an actual answer.

As for the concern about how to earn money, there are thousands of jobs that you can do from home. Home based jobs or work from home as they call it. About the living situation, there are movable houses available in the market or if you have enough experience in the building process, you can custom made one yourself. Outbound Living Van Life Statistics says that as of the year 2018, 79% of 725 van lifers all over the world converted their van by themselves. If others can do it, surely you can too!

As you can see, van life movement is making a huge come back these days. From just watching it on the cartoon series Ben 10 to seeing an escalating high number of van lifers in today’s generation is inspiring.

Why is it appealing? Well, one reason is affordability. Given that you can bring your own house with you wherever you go, you don’t have to stress over paying your overpriced house rent. Two, less clutter. The
idea of having only limited space allows you to have just the possessions you need most which mean you don’t have to spend much of your time on cleaning your space as often as you normally should in a huge space. Three, flexibility. You can go to hikes or rock climbing without having to worry about sleeping in a cold cramped tent. Four, social life. When traveling, meeting new people outside your culture is inevitable and that gives you the opportunity to know more about their beliefs and customs. It could be one of your inspirations. Five, always on the move. Literally always moving. Having a mobile house offers you to close to none stale moments. Six, a lot of memorable experiences.

Living your dream without compromising a comfortable staying situation is awesome, right? With today’s technology, you can do almost everything. It is up to you if you want to take the opportunity. One thing I can give you is this: life is passing you by, you got to take some risks, live your life exactly
how you want it, and don’t make room for regrets.